workshop med Todd grube

3/6 kl. 13.00 - 16-00!

In the west chronic low energy, depression, sickness and being burned out , are at a all time high rate and are at epidemic proportions.

In this workshop we will look at the reasons why this is happening and learn how to restore energy,prevent disease and recharge and balance the body, mind and spirit by using Ayurvedic and Taoist health principals.

The workshop will include a lecture on food and lifestyle changes , a slow flow vinyasa and yin yoga practice for restoring energy and  meditation technique to revitalize the whole person !

This workshop is open for any one and any one suffering from low energy or a down immune system, also for anyone that wants to learn how to take health into there own hands !

Todd Todd har utövat yoga i mer än 20 år, levt som munk i Vaishnava traditionen och studerat i det berömda Shaloin templet i Kina. 
Han har tillbringat mycket tid tillsammans med många kända lärare ex.  Paulis Zink som är grundaren till Yin Yoga.  

Pris: 445:- Inkl. moms.
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